03 October 2012

Kita yang Sudah Berada Dalam Lembah Al-Irshad..

Once, I saw this tweet on Twitter,
"You came from an Islamic school, but you don't act like one. Trust me, what a waste."

It made me think. Why did he/she only mention about Islamic school ? Minutes after that, a thought crossed my mind.
This actually same goes to "When you are a Muslim, but you don't act like one. Trust me, what a waste."

Most of us may say, " Aku tak dapat hidayah lagi do." "Tak sampai seru lagi nak tutup aurat." "Tunggu ah hati terbukak." when we are asked, " Why aren't you covering your aurah/ stop involving in falsehood" yadda yadda etc.

Nope. It is not the fault of not getting seru/da'wah/time, it's us who close our own heart. We are the ones who don't seek for it. Da'wah/seru does already exist around us. The seru/da'wah had come surrounding us since 1400++ years ago.

Logically thinking, we wouldn't find any thing that we want, if we, ourselves don't start to seek it. As simple as that. ( :

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