07 January 2012

Monitor your Quran recitation whenever!

How have you been today?

Have you read the Quran today?
Did you stop at a certain verse as you forgot how exactly do you recite that verse?
You can't seem to find anyone near you to help?

Worry not, with a lil bit of effort, you can now monitor your reading by comparing it with the international qari around the world! =D

So, "How?" you ask.

If you have your mp3 or handphones with you, all you have to do is to transfer the Quranic verses, one by one, into your devices.

Well, of course you need to download it first~ Now, simply click here and you will be directed to a page that looks like this:

You can choose recitations of your favourite chapter and verses by desired qari by simply scrolling down the drop-down menu..

Before downloading, you might wanna hear the preview first. Simply click the 'play' button and if you're satisfied, hit the download link!

You can now download any ayah from any chapters of the Quran!

Now , now, we know if you intend to download the WHOLE QURAN, it may be a little bit troublesome to endlessly keying in the number of each verse. Here's one way we can show you that is kinda less troublesome ..

Copy the url, just before /xxxxxx.mp3 as show below.

 You will then be directed to the INDEX, that is the list of verses recited by your selected qari.

Bear in mind that the first three digits indicate the surah and the last three indicate the aayah. For example : if you click on 003001.mp3, you will download the first verse from surah Ali Imran.

It's gonna take some patience to finish it all in one go, but if you really want it, you should strive for it!
Maybe you can start downloading, beginning from the verse you last read .. or download at least 5 surah in a day, etc, up to you!

Once you're done you can start arrange them in folders and rename the folders with the name of the suurah.

And therefore everything's done! InsyaAllah. Whenever you are stumbled upon any verse, just look up for the respective verse and listen to how the qari recite it :)

For the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad users , you may install a FREE application called 
Verse marked with green colour shows audio for that verse is already downloaded and you can just press play to listen to it. Verse without colour shows audio for this verse is not yet available in your device and tapping on the play button will download the verse from the internet.

Please do remember that nobody's perfect, so, in the event if you found mistakes in the Arabic recitations, we humbly apologize. You may report the mistakes to the apps developer. :)

Hope it helps. Thank you!

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