26 June 2011

Listen to Me Baby

 dipetik dari blog saudara seislam kita: 

Who am I to you and what are you to me?
Lets get something straight amidst this ecstasy

I don't remember buying any ring or saying "I do"
What rights do you have over me and I over you?

The very same rights that my other friends have
We're friends! And not each other's half

Nothing more and nothing less
But if you want more than that then be my guest

But no more of this can I take
The more I love Allah the more of this I hate

The lust of love and the love of lust
I must escape this prison, I must!

My hand is yours for the taking
All I want is Allah's blessing

If we're on the same page, me and you
Ask me the question and I will say "I do" 


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