01 May 2011

Science supports Muhammad's says of Coccyx

The Prophet (SWS), long before the science of embryology budded into life, determined that the fetus is created from the primitive steak in the coccyx. Apart from the beauty that radiates from the Prophet’s (SWS) words, scientific facts that are completely compatible with newly discovered facts are also established
The Prophet (SWS) said:
“All of the son of Adam will (be eaten) by the earth except the coccyx from which he was created and from which he will be resurrected.” Reported b: Al-Bukhari, Al-Nassaii, Abu-Daoud, Ibn-Majah, Ahmad in his Musnad and Malik in his Mouattaa.
In another version Abu Hurairah reports that the Prophet (SWS) said:
“There is a bone in the Son of Adam that the earth will never eat. They said what is it oh Prophet of Allah? He said: It is the coccyx.” Reported by Al-Bukhari, Al-Nassaii, Abu-Daoud, Ibn-Majah, Ahmad in his Musnad and Malik in his Mouattaa

This Hadith talks about three important facts:
· man is created from the coccyx
· The coccyx never decays
· Man will be resurrected from the coccyx

This article will therefore shed some light about the newly discovered facts about the coccyx

1. Is the Prophet’s (SWS) claim that man is created from the coccyx scientifically true?
It is scientifically known that when the sperm fecundates the ovule, it begins to divide into cells till the embryonic disc appears. This consists of two layers.
The external layer fastens the embryo unto the uterus wall. It also helps in supplying the embryo with nutrition from the secretions of the mother’s uterus and blood.
The internal layer plays the most important part. The primitive steak builds the human organs. On the fifteenth day a very minute strand, scientifically known as the primitive steak, appears on the internal layer of the embryonic disc. Cells from the primitive steak pour into the embryonic disc, forming the different organs of the body.
After these cells pour enough into the embryonic system, the primitive streak and node become emaciated and reside in the sacral zone, in the last vertebrae, where the coccyx is formed.
So the Prophet’s (SWS) statement that the coccyx or tailbone is responsible for the creation of the human being is absolutely true.

2. Are the Prophetic words that claim that the coccyx never decays though the whole of the body will decay scientifically true?
Hans Spemann, in his experiments on the primitive steak, found that cutting, boiling, squashing and grafting it onto another in the third week resulted in the remarkable growth of a secondary embryo. This is further evidence to the fact that man is created from the coccyx as well as the inability of the coccyx to decay.
In China, a group of researchers conducted some experiments on the tailbone by exposing it to strong radiation. However, it remained unchanged.
In another unsuccessful attempt to cause the tailbone to disintegrate they tried to melt it by using the strongest acid.
In Yemen, Dr Zandany subjected the tailbone to intense heat by placing it in direct fire for ten minutes till it turned red and then black. The bones around it got carbonized and the fats melted. The result was amazing. The tailbone remained as it was!
So, based on the above evidence the coccyx never decays, exactly as the Prophet (SWS) said 1400 yeas ago.
If the first two statements made by the Prophet (SWS) in this Hadith have been proven to be scientifically true then certainly his final statement that “man will be resurrected from it” must also be true.
Isn’t it therefore evident that Muhammad was a real Prophet and that he received his words from God?
source: http://www.knowmuhammad.com/ By Magdy Abdalshafy

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